Robert Barrilleaux
& Associates, Inc.

What We Can Provide For You

Unlike other firms who specialize only in wetland studies, we have a civil engineer, environmental engineer, and registered land surveyor on staff. We work together as a team to insure the best professional service possible for your project. There's no miscommunication between offices and no waiting for one office to finish their part so another can begin. We are all on board from the start and work the project as one.
 We have literally done hundreds of wetland delineations and permits working both in the private sector and for governmental agencies. No matter how big or how small, we provide the best service possible.

We provide Initial Wetland Consultation in office,

Complete Field Wetland Delineations, Mitigation Consultation and Settlement, Department of Natural Resources Coastal Use Permits, Division of State Lands Class A permits and much more.

Clay Barrilleaux - Environmental Engineer
Todd Ryan - Wetland Specialist
Derek Quebedeaux - Wetland Consultant