Robert Barrilleaux
& Associates, Inc.

Our company's ownership and staff members bring special expertise to a wide range of engineering, surveying, wetland, and environmental  projects. Please see the list below for  all the services that we can offer to you.


1. Subdivison design
2. Sewer design
3. Apartment complex and trailer park design
4. Hydralic analysis (drainage studies, culvert sizing, storm
 detention/retention ponds)
5. DEQ permits
6. Sewer discharge permits
7. DOTD permits
8. Road design
9. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
10. Environmental Review
11. Environmental Assesment Phase I and II
12. Engineering approval of house plans for 110 wind loading
13. Trailer foundation inspection for FHA and HUD

14. LOMA and LOMR-F packet submission to FEMA

15. Fire Marshal Submittals 
16. Engineering for home lifts. We work with several companies

to safely lift homes and other structures that have been flooded.

17. Home Renovation Engineering Plans

18. Solar Panel Installation Engineering Plans 


1. Boundary surveys
2. topographic surveys and mapping
3. Right-of-way and easement surveys
4. ALTA surveys
5. Construction staking ( foundation, roads, parking lots, structures, etc.)
6. As built surveys
7. Family partitions
8. Land divisions
9. Site inspections
10. Builders packages
11. FEMA flood determinations
12. Legal descriptions
13. Boundary disputes
14. Expert witness

15. GPS Mapping


1. Wetland Delineations

2. Updated Wetland Delineations
3. Corps of Engineers 404 Permit Applications
3. Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Coastal Permits
4. Mitigation Consultation and Settlement
5. Preliminary Wetland Evaluations

6. Louisiana State Lands Class A Permits

7. Endangered Species Studies

CADD Mapping and Design

1. Boundary mapping
2. Engineering design
3. Technical design

4. 3D Mapping

Surveying is one of the world's oldest and most important arts because from the earliest times it has been necessary to mark boundaries and divide land. Surveying requires precision, applied mathmatics, technical knowledge, and judicious judgement. Determining property boundaries is very important, and something that  we take very seriously.