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We have a wide range of engineering solutions available to you to fit your specific needs.

We offer a variety of CADD drafting and design

We offer engineering approval of house plans for 110 wind loading and trailer foundation inspections for FHA and HUD. Please call our office for details.

   Robert Barrilleaux and Associates offers an extensive variety of services to help make your project a reality. From small home surveys to large commercial and industrial projects, we  take you from start to finish with highly personalized service.

We specialize in LOMA and LOMR-F packages and submissions to FEMA to remove your structure from a designated flood zone if you meet the requirements which can save you a large amount or even eliminate your flood insurance payments.

We handle the entire wetland process for you from wetland delineations to permitting and mitigation.

We specialize in Home Lifting

We have lifted literally hundreds of homes, privately, and in conjunction with the FEMA grant program. 


Bring us your ideas for renovating your home and we will make it a reality! 

We can take your floor plan ideas and engineer them from the ground up so that you have a total package to give your contractor. Our plans are engineer signed and sealed and will meet all applicable local, state, and federal requirements. 

We pride ourselves with our one-on-one relationships with our clients to provide exactly what they are aiming for. Our team has a vast background in not only engineering but construction also. 

Civil and Environmental Engineers
Land Surveyors  -  Wetland Solutions  -  Planning and Design

Robert Barrilleaux and Associates offers developers the opportunity to take a project from start to finish within one office. We can survey, obtain wetland determinations and permits, design and plan, and obtain parish and state approvals needed to get your project done for you in a timely, professional manner.